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Car Servicing: Your can have a sports car, a family car or a 4 wheel drive, depending on your choice. Whichever the type or make of car is, it is very important to service your car on a regular basis so that your car can perform well without causing any trouble. Servicing of a car includes performing a thorough check of the car to find for any abnormalities and fixing it accordingly. It also includes oil changes, checking for oil leaks, checking for wear and tear of parts and replacement of any damaged ones. SAI Mechanical Repairs satiate you by providing all the above services at a cost effective price.


Brake pad replacement:

Brakes are very necessary components in a car, and it is necessary to keep them in good condition to avoid any accidents. We at SAI Mechanical Repairs check your car’s brake pads during your car’s service to make sure that they are in adequate condition and proper working order. If and when there is a necessity to change or replace your brake pads, we can do that at a very minimal cost (starting from $65).


Tyre replacement:

It is necessary to have proper tyres on your car to provide you with a safe journey every single time you take your car on the roads. Tyres are usually subjected to wear and tear over the long run, hence it becomes necessary to replace them when they are no longer road worthy. We at SAI Mechanical Repairs do the job of replacing old and new tyres as necessary at a cost effective price (starting from $35).


Car Detailing:

Car detailing is cleaning, polishing and protecting all the parts of the car to provide the car with an excellent new look. SAI Mechanics are trained to provide the customers a complete car detailing services specifically for customers who are car lovers and are looking for the best car care.


Interior Detailing:

It involves cleaning of entire dash, panels, seats and carpets. It also comprises of vacuum and steam cleaning, liquid cleaning and brushes to remove any hard stains on the upholstery.


Exterior Detailing:

It involves thoroughly cleaning the exterior surface of car using the right products to remove dirt and bringing back the shine of the car. It includes cleansing, shampooing all visible components such as tyres, wheels, window panes and all the exteriors of the car. Finally a layer of protective wax is applied on the car that prevents foreign particles to cling on the surface. Engine detailing is a tedious job as engine is the heart of a vehicle and one should be very careful while cleaning the delicate parts such as rubber pipes, metal and chrome. SAI Mechanical repairs are experts at their job and will provide you with the best possible service you would have experienced.


Air Con Repairs

Air conditioning in your car is very important to keep cool during the warm summer days. SAI Mechanical Repairs fix any air conditioner related issues and also perform gas fills for your air con.


Electronic Repairs

We diagnose any electrical related issues and perform repairs of these electrical systems in motor vehicles. We use the latest available gadgets in the market to diagnose the problems and fix it accordingly.


Wind Screen Replacement

Wind shield or wind screen is the front glass screen of the car. It protects the vehicle from dust particles, debris and flying insects. UV protected coating can be applied on this screen to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiations. Replacement of windscreen can be performed by SAI Mechanical Repairs. We also take maximum safety precautions needed to provide you with a safe car.


Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheel according to the specifications of manufacturers. This is done to ensure that the vehicle is straight and correct. We perform Wheel Alignment on all types and models of cars.


Replacing Car Parts

Over a long period or in regular intervals it becomes necessary to replace or fix few components in your car for its proper functionality. These repairs can be performed during a regular service of the car or can be performed at an alternate time. By fixing or replacing these parts we can ensure that the car will perform well for a longer time and also keep you safe on the road. There can be a variety of car parts which might need fixing or replacement and we at SAI Mechanical Repairs are proficient at diagnosing any issues before they can cause grief to the owner of the car.


Repairs After Accidents

The Accident Repair Services facility at SAI Mechanical Repairs provides an excellent service designed to repair your car to complete perfection. The demand for quality work in accidental repair has increased and SAI Mechanical Repairs will remain consistent in both good times and bad.

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